Lane Landry
Pacific Northwest Fine Art
Lane  Landry

I was born and raised in Southeast Florida, surrounded by warm water and an abundance of sun bathed maritime subject matter to paint and enjoy. Both of my parents, originally from the Northeast coast, were very talented artist who ended up supplementing my father's early retirement income by exhibiting regularly in juried weekend outdoor art festivals; so I "grew up on the street" as they say, nurtured artistically by a tight nit community of quirky but dedicated artists.

Even though I was born in the south, my father's love of Maine's coast with its fishing boats, rocky shores and stoic lighthouses apparently influenced me a great deal because that was my favorite type of subject matter to paint for most of my life (regardless of the coast). Incidentally, it is Gig Harbor's charming waterfront and lovely people that inspired me to relocate my family to the west coast from Florida - well that and the fact that there is less sun, cooler temperatures and NO hurricanes! My mother's passion for drawing "weeds" (which was how we referred to South Florida's more common local flora) apparently was not lost on me either though, as I am finding myself increasingly attracted to painting simple leaves and delicate flowers found around my yard and wayward garden.

People often ask me when I started drawing. That's hard to say because I don't ever remember a time that I didn't draw. As I recall, I drew incessantly as a child. I often tease that it was because I didn't have any toys (besides a bag of beloved marbles - which I've since lost), but it's probably closer to the truth that drawing required the least amount of physical movement in the sweltering heat of South Florida's sun where temperatures typically hover just under 100 degrees with the same humidity. Of course, way back then, we didn't have any air conditioning, let alone ceiling fans to at least move the hot air around; apparently those weren't invented until after I moved out of my parents' house. In truth, like my parents, I am a self-taught artist with little to no formal art training (though I do give a lot of credit to Ms. Osborne, my high school art teacher, for having patience with me). Upon graduation from high school I did receive two full-ride scholarships to prestigious art schools on the east coast but naturally I was a rebellious teen and chose a very different career path in the field of high tech communications.

In 1987 I married and started a business with my husband Russ. Over the years we raised not only the business but three terrific children; Cara, Tom and Matt along the way. Art understandably took a back seat for a long time with the demands of parenting and the business but since our move to Washington I have once again found time to express myself artistically. These days I teach watercolor classes at my local studio (as well as at Tacoma Community College when they need me) and regularly exhibit at local Art Fairs including the Annual Maritime Gig Festival, the Annual Gig Harbor Summer Art Festival, the Annual Open Studio Tour and the Gig Harbor Farmer's Market. My artwork is in both private and corporate collections but I have declined, at least to-date, to be represented by area galleries because I still enjoy selling directly to the public and from my home based studio gallery. I have also been recently appointed an Art Commissioner for Gig Harbor and enjoy serving on that board.

My newest project is creating a new business with my eldest child Cara, who is now an adult (yikes!) and a blooming young artist herself, in which we are teaching art and jewlery making lessons as well as offering art-themed play dates and parties - FUN! In our "spare time" we are also working on opening our own teaching studio down in the harbor - so stay tuned for that! Thank you for taking the time to get to know me better and I hope to have the same opportunity with you in the near future!